Look at the flowers. It is simply unbelievable how happy they are.





I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

~Claude Monet~




All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.

~Indian proverb~


If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.  





Flowers are joyful! Plant them, smell them, paint them and wear them in your hair!!!












“I’m waiting, for what, my kind of people, what kind is that, I can tell my kind of people by their faces, by something in their faces.”
Ayn Rand

Every face I paint is imaginary, yet inspired by real faces I see every day…

Every face has a story to tell..

Every face speaks its own truth..

Every face has charm.

Every face becomes beautiful when there is kindness in the heart…



Some of these faces are in my calendar!

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PhotoEditor-1446388197493Having lived in two countries which don’t pay particular attention to Halloween, I can’t help but be curiously fascinated by it all…

Not so much by the glowing pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls and skeletons, but by the witches! Witches are intriguing… don’t you think? Well I think so, anyway.

Witches are a delight to paint! And who says they all have to be dressed in black and sport a wart on their nose? I love to paint way beyond this and tweak their appearance in any way possible! Vibrant colours can only add to their magic….

In fact, what about painting an ordinary woman on a broom, flying to work?

And what if I stretched this ‘theory’ of mine a little further….and confessed that I recognise a witch of some sort in almost every woman I know??? Ha! Before anyone takes offence, let me explain this….

A ‘witch’, to me, is a woman who has an unmistakable magical essence about her that cannot go unnoticed. The signs? It could be in the way she carries herself, in the way she cooks, or sings, or paints or laughs, or speaks. It could be in the way she loves, creates, dances, or in just the way her eyes twinkle for no obvious reason…. And most certainly in the way she is unafraid to be herself and is always prepared to fight fiercely for what she believes in… 

Look around you. I’m sure you can spot them anywhere!

So….Happy Halloween to every cackling witch out there…including myself!10428234_61088315902.1502_148171179362331617_o 1235395_445250828918070_232943329_nOil pastel witch

Owl art….

Mixed media on driftwood!
Mixed media on driftwood!

SoHo owl


Mixed media owl

Pastel on index card.
Pastel on index card.

There is indeed something magical about owls…don’t you think? This much celebrated and talked about creature, always sparks my creative imagination…

Owls have long been considered a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, solitude and change. I always consider seeing one, a good omen….

I was lucky enough to find one on the windowsill of my studio once!

Painting on cardboard…

Girl fishing..     Olive tree

Mixed media girl  Girl in moonlight

A painting on cardboard nearly always stirs up a mixed reaction….Well it certainly has for me! You see,  there are those who appreciate the painting itself and the interesting texture that becomes part of it. Then, there are those who are sceptical about the whole thing and ask why would I invest so much effort (and paint!) on a humble piece of cardboard! Ha!! And THAT is what I love about this on-again off-again fling I am having with cardboard! It gets people thinking a tad deeper about art…

And my answer is always the same: ‘Well, why not?’

Really now, why not? Only someone who has painted on cardboard will understand me. It is a deliciously smooth surface to paint on and becomes terribly addictive! I spent an entire summer painting on cardboard and even exhibited my work….to the surprise of many.

The same amount of love, effort and soul goes into my cardboard paintings as does in my other work. They are just as much a part of me. And the idea of giving a cardboard box a glamorous new life really warms my heart!

(I still have difficulty in restraining myself from collecting large cardboard boxes I find outside supermarkets….! )

Some consider a painting on cardboard to have less worth. Let me tell you, a well gessoed piece of cardboard, painted,  will have a long life. Under glass, even longer.

Here is proof… One of Edward Münch’s paintings, The Scream (he painted four versions), is oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard. It was painted in 1893 and still sits proudly in the National Gallery in Norway!

A painting, no matter what surface it is painted on, possesses a certain kind of magic…..believe me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart...IMG_20150214_124103~-picsay

Ah yes it’s February 14th..

Happy Valentine’s Day to those celebrating! I must confess I am not  the ‘valentine’ sort. The idea of expressing love or romance on a particular day of the year, just doesn’t sit well with me. I have a sentimental kind of philosophy on this…

I believe in expressing love every day of the year. Not with red roses and fluffy little teddy bears, but with stuff that really makes one feel loved.

A hug.

A kind word.

A meal made with love.

A handful of wild flowers, picked spontaneously.

Listening to what your loved one has to say.

A fancy cake. For no reason whatsoever. Just because you know it makes them happy.

Spending quality time together. (no phones, WiFi, TV…) Just enjoying togetherness.

A compliment. There is something beautiful in every person.




Living every moment with love.

Life isn’t perfect. It never will be. But we have the ability to make it special with the simple stuff….

Enjoy your every day. 😉


I like to think of coffee as an ‘experience’. Really, if you think about it, it’s just that. An experience.

Much of my artwork is inspired by the doodles I draw as I sip my coffee.

Some of the greatest stories ever, were told over a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I pretend to read my coffee cup! (Of course I only see good things, like me riding a three-humped camel over hills, under a full moon.)

Have you ever noticed how people’s faces light up in a cafe when their coffee is served, no matter how flat they looked when they walked in?

And how many love stories have started (or ended!) over a humble cup of coffee?

How many of you sigh and take a deep breath as you walk by a shop grinding fresh coffee? (I do!)

And what about the bad coffee experiences? (You know…lukewarm, too watery, too milky, bitter as hell or just downright gross?)

Even buying coffee becomes an experience when you spend over ten minutes in the coffee aisle of a supermarket looking at all those blends available. When did coffee become so complicated?

What about when you accidently spill your coffee, here in Greece, and everyone starts chanting: ‘Money! Money’s coming your way!’ (Yeah right.)

Have you noticed how drinking a cup of coffee in a public place, makes you feel that little bit more comfortable, rather than if you were just sitting there. Weird, but true.

And what about when you are served coffee in an unfamiliar territory ( a meeting or at your new in-laws) and you notice a tiny speck of something or other floating in your coffee cup. And the damn thing floats towards your lips every time you attempt to take a sip! Hell in a cup.

I could keep writing for days about coffee experiences, but I’d much rather paint about them!