I like to think of coffee as an ‘experience’. Really, if you think about it, it’s just that. An experience.

Much of my artwork is inspired by the doodles I draw as I sip my coffee.

Some of the greatest stories ever, were told over a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I pretend to read my coffee cup! (Of course I only see good things, like me riding a three-humped camel over hills, under a full moon.)

Have you ever noticed how people’s faces light up in a cafe when their coffee is served, no matter how flat they looked when they walked in?

And how many love stories have started (or ended!) over a humble cup of coffee?

How many of you sigh and take a deep breath as you walk by a shop grinding fresh coffee? (I do!)

And what about the bad coffee experiences? (You know…lukewarm, too watery, too milky, bitter as hell or just downright gross?)

Even buying coffee becomes an experience when you spend over ten minutes in the coffee aisle of a supermarket looking at all those blends available. When did coffee become so complicated?

What about when you accidently spill your coffee, here in Greece, and everyone starts chanting: ‘Money! Money’s coming your way!’ (Yeah right.)

Have you noticed how drinking a cup of coffee in a public place, makes you feel that little bit more comfortable, rather than if you were just sitting there. Weird, but true.

And what about when you are served coffee in an unfamiliar territory ( a meeting or at your new in-laws) and you notice a tiny speck of something or other floating in your coffee cup. And the damn thing floats towards your lips every time you attempt to take a sip! Hell in a cup.

I could keep writing for days about coffee experiences, but I’d much rather paint about them!


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