Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart...IMG_20150214_124103~-picsay

Ah yes it’s February 14th..

Happy Valentine’s Day to those celebrating! I must confess I am not  the ‘valentine’ sort. The idea of expressing love or romance on a particular day of the year, just doesn’t sit well with me. I have a sentimental kind of philosophy on this…

I believe in expressing love every day of the year. Not with red roses and fluffy little teddy bears, but with stuff that really makes one feel loved.

A hug.

A kind word.

A meal made with love.

A handful of wild flowers, picked spontaneously.

Listening to what your loved one has to say.

A fancy cake. For no reason whatsoever. Just because you know it makes them happy.

Spending quality time together. (no phones, WiFi, TV…) Just enjoying togetherness.

A compliment. There is something beautiful in every person.




Living every moment with love.

Life isn’t perfect. It never will be. But we have the ability to make it special with the simple stuff….

Enjoy your every day. 😉


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