Painting on cardboard…

Girl fishing..     Olive tree

Mixed media girl  Girl in moonlight

A painting on cardboard nearly always stirs up a mixed reaction….Well it certainly has for me! You see,  there are those who appreciate the painting itself and the interesting texture that becomes part of it. Then, there are those who are sceptical about the whole thing and ask why would I invest so much effort (and paint!) on a humble piece of cardboard! Ha!! And THAT is what I love about this on-again off-again fling I am having with cardboard! It gets people thinking a tad deeper about art…

And my answer is always the same: ‘Well, why not?’

Really now, why not? Only someone who has painted on cardboard will understand me. It is a deliciously smooth surface to paint on and becomes terribly addictive! I spent an entire summer painting on cardboard and even exhibited my work….to the surprise of many.

The same amount of love, effort and soul goes into my cardboard paintings as does in my other work. They are just as much a part of me. And the idea of giving a cardboard box a glamorous new life really warms my heart!

(I still have difficulty in restraining myself from collecting large cardboard boxes I find outside supermarkets….! )

Some consider a painting on cardboard to have less worth. Let me tell you, a well gessoed piece of cardboard, painted,  will have a long life. Under glass, even longer.

Here is proof… One of Edward Münch’s paintings, The Scream (he painted four versions), is oil, tempera, pastel and crayon on cardboard. It was painted in 1893 and still sits proudly in the National Gallery in Norway!

A painting, no matter what surface it is painted on, possesses a certain kind of magic…..believe me!


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