PhotoEditor-1446388197493Having lived in two countries which don’t pay particular attention to Halloween, I can’t help but be curiously fascinated by it all…

Not so much by the glowing pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls and skeletons, but by the witches! Witches are intriguing… don’t you think? Well I think so, anyway.

Witches are a delight to paint! And who says they all have to be dressed in black and sport a wart on their nose? I love to paint way beyond this and tweak their appearance in any way possible! Vibrant colours can only add to their magic….

In fact, what about painting an ordinary woman on a broom, flying to work?

And what if I stretched this ‘theory’ of mine a little further….and confessed that I recognise a witch of some sort in almost every woman I know??? Ha! Before anyone takes offence, let me explain this….

A ‘witch’, to me, is a woman who has an unmistakable magical essence about her that cannot go unnoticed. The signs? It could be in the way she carries herself, in the way she cooks, or sings, or paints or laughs, or speaks. It could be in the way she loves, creates, dances, or in just the way her eyes twinkle for no obvious reason…. And most certainly in the way she is unafraid to be herself and is always prepared to fight fiercely for what she believes in… 

Look around you. I’m sure you can spot them anywhere!

So….Happy Halloween to every cackling witch out there…including myself!10428234_61088315902.1502_148171179362331617_o 1235395_445250828918070_232943329_nOil pastel witch


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